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Check out new photos from Svalbard – The Polar Arctic Region!


The new Save the Lemurs 2020 calendar is now available.

All profit from the sales of this calendar will be donated to the Duke Lemur Center.
The cost of this calendar is $18.31 and we are required to charge CA sales tax. Therefore the total cash price is $20, only if you are local (arrange pickup or delivery).

Otherwise we can mail it to you.  Payment with credit card or PayPal and mailing with USPS Priority total cost is $28.50  — only USA addresses.

If you want more than one calendar or if you are outside of the US, then you should write to me first so I can calculate the shipping cost.

Here is a button to buy one calendar:

If you want to purchase signed fine art prints of any of the photos on this website, please write to me and specify which photo and the approximate custom size you wish.

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